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State senator urges Snyder to help Flint switch water

City of Flint

Michigan Senate Democratic leader Jim Ananich is urging Gov. Rick Snyder to help Flint reconnect to Detroit's water system after doctors found high levels of lead in the blood of Flint children.

The Flint River has been Flint's water source since 2014.

The water is treated, but is corrosive and causes lead to leach from old pipes and service lines.

Snyder's administration has said the water meets state and federal standards.

The Detroit News reports Ananich, who represents Flint, took part in a conference call Monday with Snyder and members of his administration.

Ananich says the city faces a "public health crisis," and he's also seeking emergency funds to get Flint residents bottled water and thousands of water filters for faucets.

Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel says his office is "reviewing" Ananich's proposals.

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