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U of M President Ono stands by coach Harbaugh

University of Michigan President Santa Ono.jpeg
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
Associated Press
File: Santa Ono is introduced as the new president of the University of Michigan, Wednesday, July 13, 2022, in Ann Arbor, Mich.

University of Michigan president Santa Ono says football coach Jim Harbaugh assures him he did not know about a scheme to steal opponents sideline signals. The University President believes the coach

 “He has said he knows nothing about what happened and I trust him he is a man of honor.”

In his first public comments on the sign stealing allegations that led to the 3-game suspension of football coach Jim Harbaugh. University president Santa Ono says he believes Harbaugh when he says he was not aware of the scheme

“it is an ongoing investigation we will see what happens but I trust the guy I think he is one of the great coaches out there.”

But President Ono says he takes seriously allegations the team broke the rules when they sent scouts to games of future opponents to record videos and steal their sideline signals.

“Certainly I take it very seriously. This is an academic institution. Ethics and integrity are essential to what we do, it is a cornerstone to a great university.”

Ono says he is hopeful Harbaugh will be Michigan’s coach next season, even though he was suspended for the first 3 games over recruiting violations and the last 3 over sign stealing allegations

“We won all six of those games and the coach told me if you coach a team well it will coach itself. It is really a credit to him.”

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