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The Shelley Irwin Show Podcast for 6-27-24

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Long Roads Distillers and GVSU, The Storehouse, The Lakeshore Art Festival, The Power of Friendship and Marathon Don.

Long Road Distillers and GVSU Athletics partner to present Lake + Valley Lemonade, a Ready to Drink Cocktail. We talk about the distribution and how the Laker Community and West Michigan can celebrate the launch with owner Kyle Van Strien.

The TSIS Roving mic takes you to The Storehouse on Plainfield, hundreds of brand named athletic shoes are now available for those eligible. The warehouse serves as our backdrop, this special opportunity only part of the distribution process.

This weekend is the Lakeshore Art Festival, which includes over 20 local authors on site, on Author Row. Two such in studio, Andrew Smith and Vera West. We talk about the local writing process and this traditional fair.

We discuss a story about two best friends as children, still friending today and writing about it, the book, The Power of Friendship: Lessons Learned From Lifelong Friends, Marilyn Emery and Carol Jennings discussing their 76 year old friendship and the writing of the book.

He’s off on another adventure and invites you to swim along. We talk to Marathon Don Kern about his swim of all 5 great lakes in a day come Mid July. Kern directs the GR Marathon and more, yet takes his life on personal challenges to inspire.

Transcripts are provided upon request.

Shelley Irwin is the host and producer for The Shelley Irwin Show, a news magazine talk-show format on the local NPR affiliate Monday through Friday. The show, broadcast at 9 a.m., features a wide variety of local and national news makers, plus special features.
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