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The Shelley Irwin Show Podcast for 2-28-24

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Dinks and Dingers, Grand European Journeys, 2024 World Almanac's Garden Guide, Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and Whistle-Stop Politics.

It's a first of its kind in the State of Michigan, Dinks and Dingers, an innovative new sports and entertainment venue, set to open in West Michigan early winter this year. Entrepreneur Andy Anderson discusses the plan, to be located in Kentwood. The goal to be the Pickleball City in Michigan.

Travel Author/Photographer Lucas Peters presents Grand European Journeys, 40 Unforgettable Trips by Road, Rail, Sea and More. We talk about guiding the first time traveler, plus did Michigan make the cut?

The 2024 World Almanac's Garden Guide is out, Editor Carol Connare talks about the issue created by gardeners for gardeners, ideas and projects for every style and situation. The guide explores the exotic, edible even the evil sides of growing.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week brings attention to the warning signs, misconceptions and treatments for the serious illness, speaking with Priority Health's Dr. Charletta Dennis, Medical Director of Behavioral Health.

Whistle-Stop Politics: Campaign Trains and the Reporters Who Covered Them shares anecdotes about the first Black female White House Reporter, Allison Dunnigan. Political Strategist and Campaign Train Expert Edward Segal talks about the topic, insightful stories and what we can learn from the past about the role of women in political campaigns.

Transcripts are provided upon request.

Shelley Irwin is the host and producer for The Shelley Irwin Show, a news magazine talk-show format on the local NPR affiliate Monday through Friday. The show, broadcast at 9 a.m., features a wide variety of local and national news makers, plus special features.
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