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Despite fears that the coronavirus pandemic will worsen, Victor Gibson said he’s not planning to take advantage of Michigan’s expanded vote-by-mail system when he casts his ballot in November.

The retired teacher from Detroit just isn’t sure he can trust it. Many Black Americans share similar concerns and are planning to vote in person on Election Day, even as mail-in voting expands to more states as a safety precaution during the pandemic.

Joe Biden's next big decision: Choosing a running mate

Apr 10, 2020
Joe Biden

  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden expects to name a vice presidential vetting committee next week. That's according to three Democrats with knowledge of the situation who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss internal plans. He has already committed to picking a woman as his running mate. Biden told donors during a virtual fundraiser that his team has discussed naming his choice well ahead of the Democratic convention in mid-August. Biden must consider the demands of a diverse party.

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U.S. Representative Justin Amash is asking President Barrack Obama to provide Congress with evidence Russia interfered with the U.S. Presidential Election. /

Donald Trump's campaign says a government plan to give up managing key operations of the internet poses a threat of outside censorship of online information. But such an outcome is highly unlikely.

GOP Presidential candidate front runner Donald Trump is making claims the delegate system is unfair as a part of the nominating process. The rules state the party nominee must reach 1,237 delegates to be the party nominee. WGVU spoke with a political strategist and a political commentator about Trump’s complaint and what it means heading into the GOP National Convention.

“The rules are the rules.”

That’s NPR and ABC News political commentator and author, Cokie Roberts, who was in Grand Rapids Wednesday commemorating first lady Betty Ford’s 98th birthday.

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz made a late-night west Michigan appearance on Monday after campaigning in Mississippi.

Cruz took the stage just after 11 p.m., greeting a full house of enthusiastic attendees.

He says the election comes down to three key issues: jobs, freedom and security --- which he says tie into his platform as well.

"We will repeal Obamacare. We will pass a simple flat tax, we will abolish the IRS, rein in the federal regulators that are killing jobs, stop amnesty and secure the borders."

You may have heard by now this is Super Tuesday when voters in 13 states take part in primaries and caucuses. Michigan voters will need to wait a week until March 8th. How’s the Republican race shaping up here?

WGVU breaks down polling data from Lansing-based Target-Insight that shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead.

Michigan Republicans will vote in large numbers March 8th. Of the 400 registered Republicans surveyed by Target-Insyght, 90% said they are almost certain to cast a primary vote.

Bernie Sanders makes Thursday Flint stop

Feb 25, 2016

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders brought his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president to Flint on Thursday.

An enthusiastic crowd packed church pews for the town hall meeting.

Sanders said the Flint water crisis is a tragedy, but said the city’s not alone.

He says cities across the country face a “collapse” of their infrastructure and if a city and the state can’t handle it, then the federal government needs to step in.

“It is my hope the American people will look at Flint and say never again can we allow a community to undergo this.”

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GOP candidate Marco Rubio visited with supporters in Grand Rapids Tuesday evening. His speaking engagement was hosted by auto parts supplier Lacks Enterprises.

"Our next President of the United States, Marco Rubio!" 

The Florida Senator took the stage explaining to the more than 1,500 supporters, and some undecided voters, what actions he would take as president. It begins with the repeal all of President Barack Obama’s executive orders and protect the 2nd Amendment.

The Presidential primaries continue tomorrow, again in South Carolina and Nevada. For Republican candidates, and voters, it’s often asked who best exemplifies the leadership quality of Ronald Reagan? Reagan biographer, H. W. Brands recently visited Grand Valley State University’s Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies. WGVU’s asks Brands how Reagan would fare in this year’s Presidential primary season?

“Could Reagan win the Republican nomination today? Could Reagan win election today?”