Mutually Inclusive

It has been a year and a half, since the Raise the Age bill was introduced to the Michigan legislature by Republican representative Jeff Noble. This week, the bill was discussed by the law and justice committee of the legislature. 

According to Jenny Kinne, Community Engagement Specialist for the Michigan League of Public Policy, this bill has the potential to change the way 17 year olds are treated in the criminal justice system. 

On August 26th, three African American youth were held at gunpoint after a 911-call came in from a nearby neighbor stating that two boys with red and black shirts had guns on them, according to the 911 transcript obtained from Grand Rapids Police Department through a Freedom of Information Act request. 

GRPD’s Chief David Rahinsky, says that because two of the three youth matched the description given by the caller, they made the decision to stop them.  

Art Prize

“Have you ever made a way out of no way? Ever had to make something out of nothing when nothing seems possible ever? Nothing get easier ever? Have you ever wondered what its like to be vulnerable?”

“My name is Kyd Kane and my piece “LEMON-AID” it speaks to all of the substandard and insufficient things that we get handed in this life, and then the Band-Aids that are also created to fix, Ill put those in quotations, to fix the lemon systems.” 

Weekly we focus on the work of area organizations advancing inclusion and equity in our community. This morning we welcome from the Muskegon County Public Defenders Office, Manda Mitteer, the Chief Assistant Public Defender of the Family Division, and Alyssa Gunderson, social work intern. Among the topics, Holistic Defense. Joining the discussion is WGVU grants manager, Steve Chappell. This weekly radio segment is part of a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

“No Indian alive dares to think too much of the past. Our people never had a chance. The soldiers attacked us, and our homes. They killed our little boys, our little bitty girls, and rode away laughing.” 

That was the late Dave Bald Eagle, who stars as the Lakota Elder in Neither Wolf Nor Dog. Scottish filmmaker Steven Wilson, directed the film and says it depicts the relationship between the elder and the white man in a way that attempts to deconstruct the narratives of colonialism. 

Sexual violence advocates call for justice

Sep 27, 2018

“Survivors don’t actually owe anyone their stories, so while we are living in an era where survivors’ stories are out all over the place what we owe those survivors is a lot of gratitude.” 

That is Tashmica Trock, Executive Director and founder of the Firecracker Foundation in Lansing Michigan chiming in. 

Trock’s work with the foundation is on advocating for and providing resources to children who have experienced sexual violence. 

During a press conference at LINC’s headquarters Madison and Hall, Daniel Krueger, a retired, Republican Ottawa County Clerk made his case for passing Prop 3, saying it’s a good move towards democracy because it removes barriers to the vote. 

“There are many instances where people don’t have the ability to get to the precinct on election day. Our society has changed. We are a more mobile society. We have both parents in families that are working, and things need to change with that change in society.” 

City of Grand Rapids will launch rental assistance program

Sep 25, 2018

In a city where the vacancy rate sits at around 5.1 percent, according to data from the U.S. Census, low-income residents are faced with additional barriers when looking for housing. 

“Being charged money for rental just to get into people’s waiting list, and then when they were able to get up on the list and they were denied they weren’t being told why.” 

That is Carlos Sanchez, the executive director of the Grand Rapids Housing Commission. He says to ease the burden of residents the city city will fund a rental assistance center. 

Sergeant Jon Wu, supervisor in the Vice Unit of the Grand Rapids Police Department, says as the state heads to potentially legalizing recreational marijuana the department is preparing to increase enforcement. 

“The way that some of the proposals are written now, there is going to be a pretty high tax on the marijuana that’s grown, and when you have a high tax on something you begin to have a black market in that to avoid that tax.” 


Scott Greenlee heads Healthy and Productive Michigan, a group of citizens trying to prevent the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state before it becomes “Big Tobacco 2.0.” 

“From a strategy standpoint, it is going to be a lot of education. We are going to really point out some of the myths that are going on with regard to the state of Colorado, and other states that have legalized it, and we want to prevent our great state from going through that.”