WGVU Public Television airing FRONTLINE season premier "Trump's Showdown"

Oct 2, 2018

Credit cironline.org

Tuesday, October 2nd @ 9:00 on WGVU Public Television, PBS FRONTLINE kicks of its 2018 season with Trump’s Showdown revealing how an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election has grown to threaten Donald Trump’s presidency.

“We try to lay it out so that you can remember and see it all in one place, and all of a sudden it in some ways it makes more sense because you’re seeing it all connected together.”

Jim Gilmore is a reporter and producer of Trump’s Showdown.

“I would find it impossible for the Mueller investigation to go away, and plus the fact part of it has already been passed off with the Michael Cohen case up in New York. So that, in fact, in some ways is, some people say, more dangerous to the President than the Mueller investigation itself. So, none of this is going to go away.”

FRONTLINE’s Trump’s Showdown airs Tuesday, October 2nd @ 9:00 on WGVU Public Television.