West MI Hindu Temple Volunteers Deliver Groceries

Apr 17, 2020

Credit Unsplash

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Rishi Singh, host of WGVU's "Meeting God," is partnering with the Kaufman Interfaith Institute to discuss resources faith communities are offering in West Michigan.

We’re speaking with Fred Stella he’s the outreach minister for the West Michigan Hindu Temple. What I would like to do is discuss the response from your temple and what the Hindu community is doing to help the community. 

“We have two wonderful, young gentlemen, they are the Mano brothers, and they have set up a website through Kaufman where people can both donate money to the greater community and also volunteer their time. So that if there are any people who are not able to get out and get groceries, that volunteers can be contacted and the next time they go to the grocery store they can pick up whatever they need—the people in need—and the volunteers will be compensated for whatever they pay for the groceries.

You can find this program by searching for the Kaufman Interfaith Institute’s “Scholar Community Initiatives”.