WEMAC urges Gov. Whitmer to reject dredging of Grand River

23 hours ago

Dredging a river is a technique that removes soil from the waterbed, making the river deeper and more user friendly for larger boats.
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Citing numerous environmental concerns, WEMAC, which stands for The West Michigan Environmental Action Council, is calling on state legislatures to reject the Grand River Waterway Project, a nearly 23-mile stretch of the Grand River that would potentially give large recreational boats the ability of traveling from downtown Grand Rapids, all the way to Lake Michigan.

To so would require dredging portions of the Grand River, digging deep enough that vessels 26 feet and longer could safely navigate the waterway. 

In a public letter to Michigan Governor Gretchen, and others, WEMAC urged the state to “stand with us and many others who oppose this project.”

According to a lit review prepared by WEMAC, “the most likely and significant consequence of dredging portions of the Grand River would the destruction of the habitat necessary to support sensitive native fish communities,” while permanently altering the natural aesthetic of the river and its banks.

This past Tuesday, the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners voted 9-1 in opposition of the project, still it will be the state that ultimately makes the decision.