Staying physically fit during quarantine

May 1, 2020

Dave Jimenez - Owner of Title Boxing Club
Credit Dave Jimenez

What are some tips you can give our listeners to maintain their physical health while working with limited resources, finances and even equipment?

There’s so many free 30-minute workouts that you can look up that don’t require any kind of equipment, they’re all body-weight exercises. Maybe you do have a stationary bike at home or you have a treadmill or something like that. Whatever you decide to do now that we’re home, my advice is to schedule your workouts for yourself on your own personal calendar to get them on your schedule just like you would a doctor’s appointment or something like that.

And then as the week goes on, make those non-negotiable. Whether you feel like doing those workouts or not, they’re on your calendar. Do everything you can to get them done. And I think that’s a way to take motivation out of the picture a little bit and incorporate more of what’s needed, which is discipline. Discipline is doing what you know you need to do whether you like it or not.