Spectrum Health: Patient, Visitor Guidelines To Stay In Place

Oct 16, 2020

Spectrum Health continues visitor restrictions
Credit kentcityathletics.com

With public health and safety as its top concern, Spectrum Health wants patients and visitors to know that guidelines to control COVID 19 remain in effect. 

“We’re continuing the guidelines that have been in place.”

That’s Dr. Dan McGee. He is a Pediatric Hospitalist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

As we continue to make our way through this pandemic, officials at Spectrum Health say based on scientific evidence and infection prevention best practices, what they’re doing is working and they need to stay the course.

“We’re limiting to two visitors, everybody has to wear a mask that comes to the hospital and everyone has to have their temperature taken at the front desk.”

COVID-19 patients are limited to virtual visits with loved ones.  Visitors to physician offices, labs, surgery centers and the like, may have one person accompany them.”

Dr. McGee says what they’re doing with their visitor policies is in fact working.  Not only that, but he says they’ve also seen a decline in other respiratory illnesses throughout the community; however, he says it’s important to stay vigilant with safety measures, especially when many areas are seeing a spike in the number of COVID cases.

“Yes, the number of cases has increased over the last couple weeks. Not to the point where we are overly concerned, but it is a notable thing. I think what’s going on now, people are getting a little quarantine fatigue and they’re not masking and practicing social distancing as well as they used to.”

Dr. McGee says until we get a vaccine, we’re going to have to stick with the basics, like social distancing and wearing a mask.  If you need more information about COVID and the pandemic, he says you go can to Spectrum.org.