Simon back in court for second day of critical hearing

Apr 8, 2019

Former Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon was in court today.

A judge is deciding whether Simon should stand trial for charges that she lied to law enforcement.

The charges hinge on what Simon knew about a 20-14 internal investigation into Larry Nassar – the former school sports doctor convicted of sexually assaulting his patients. Simon told law enforcement she didn’t know specifics about Nassar or the investigation until 20-16.

During the hearing, prosecutors tried to show that mistakes were made at M-S-U…Giving Simon a motive to lie.

       Kristine Moore worked in the Title 9 office at M-S-U and opened the 20-14 investigation.

“I did the best I could to follow process at the time and without the benefit of hindsight I think I did everything correctly at the time.”

       The exam is scheduled to finish tomorrow.