Report: Lack of funding for public health is catching up to the state

Aug 21, 2018

Michigan is unhealthy – and new report says a failure to invest in public health is one reason why.

   A study delves into the consequences of the state underfunding the prevention of illnesses and injuries.

The Flint water crisis. A major outbreak of Hepatitis A. A high infant mortality rate. The Citizens Research Council says a failure to invest in public health is part of the reason Michigan has these issues.

Eric Lupher is president of the Council. He says the state has become fragmented in how it handles public health.


“So now there’s no real grand vision of what public health is all about in this state and it’s sort of everyone’s in charge and no one’s in charge.”

   The report suggests a so-called “health in all policies” approach. That means all government policies – from schools to roads – would include an assessment of how it will affect public health.