MI Supreme Court overturns search after officer pulled into suspect’s home

Jul 23, 2019

Credit wikipedia.com

The state Supreme Court says a police officer violated a woman’s Fourth Amendment rights by arresting her after he was pulled inside her home during a struggle. 

                A police officer knocked on the woman’s door after her vehicle was found abandoned and damaged. She spoke with the officer through the door, and had someone else hand over her driver’s license. The woman opened to the door so the officer could return the license. That’s when he grabbed the woman’s arm, and was pulled inside during the struggle. After the arrest, the woman failed two breathalyzer tests. She said that was because she drank after she got home. Nevertheless, she was convicted in the Kent County Circuit Court, and sentenced as a repeat offender.
                On a five-two decision, the Michigan Supreme Court reversed the conviction. The majority said the home’s doorway was a line the officer could not legally cross without a warrant.