Kids' Food Basket Hosts Emergency Food Assistance With Local Partners

Jan 31, 2019

Emergency Food Assistance

The Kids’ Food Basket just announced a collaborative partnership for emergency food assistance for families impacted by this extreme arctic weather.

“We became aware yesterday morning about a huge emergency food assistance shortage.”

Bridget Clark Whitney, Founding CEO of Kids’ Food Basket says the need was so great they had to take action.

“In Kent County alone, over 40-thousand children relay on free or reduced school lunch.  So when you have an entire week without school that’s 40-thousand kids missing out on their lunch program, and many times also, their breakfast program and 8000 kids missing out on their sack supper program that we provide.  So that is a lot of meals for families that are already stretched.”

Clark Whitney says they were contacted and learned the 2-1-1 system was getting calls for emergency food, but had no place to send those in need.  She says many food pantries were forced to shut down due to the bad weather.  That was the first call.

“Meanwhile, we were getting emails from teachers at the schools that we serve. We currently serve 47 schools between Kent County, Muskegon and Holland.  We were getting emails from teacher asking what they could do to make sure their kids got food.  We knew we needed to do something immediately.”

So, Clark Whitney says they pulled together a collaborative partnership between Kids’ Food Basket, the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, The Rapid and Seymour Christian Reformed Church.  All will be distribution sites today and tomorrow.

“So we are distributing, emergency food, healthy fresh fruits and vegetable, healthy proteins, healthy dairies and healthy snacks.  So we are distributing between 11:30a n 2pm at those 3 sites today and tomorrow. We are looking forward to the opportunity to serve.”

Clark Whitney says they are depleting all their resources on this emergency.  Therefore they are looking for non-profit organizations to work with them in food distribution.  They also can use the help of donations and volunteers. For more information you can go to the Kids Food Basket Facebook page or their website, at Or you can call 616-235-4532.