Grand Rapids man will die in prison for murder and dismemberment of Ashley Young

Oct 10, 2019

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Calling it “without question the worst case that I have ever been involved in,’’ Judge Mark Trusock Thursday afternoon sentenced convicted killer Jared Chance to 100-200 years in prison for the murder and dismemberment of Ashley Young, telling, him, that “what you did was reprehensible and heinous.’’

Last November, the death of Ashley Young made national headlines due to its gruesome nature. Police discovered the dismembered torso of Young in Jared Chance’s Grand Rapids home. Police have yet to recover the rest of her body including her head, and Chance refuses to disclose the location, presumably, in the hopes he would be found not guilty.

Chance’s neighbor testified during the trial, that the 30-year-old man had bragged prior to Young’s death that he could murder someone and get away with it.

However, a jury in September found Chance guilty of Young’s murder in September, after Young’s blood and DNA were discovered on a reciprocating saw in Chance’s parents’ home.

They are both charged with helping cover up Young’s murder, and their trial starts next week.

It was an emotional day in the courtroom after Young’s father, brother, friend and mother all took turns addressing Chance, while he and his legal team declined to make a comment to the court.

After sentencing, the Judge told the bailiff to “take Chance to prison,” and the courtroom erupted in applause.

Daniel Boothe, WGVU NEWS