Grand Rapids adopts city's first strategic plan

Apr 10, 2019

Grand Rapids City Commission on April 9, 2019
Credit City of Grand Rapids

For the last five months, city staff and city commissioners have been hands on in determining the elements of the four year plan – which city manager Mark Washington called a “living, and breathing document”.  

“So that this plan does not rest on the shelf, but really becomes a guidepost for us .”

In a news release, the City of Grand Rapids said equity would drive the city’s new vision.

“That we have policies in place that helps to promote equity among various members of our community.” 

According to Washington the strategic plan will align with the City’s future master plan, and drive budget and fiscal planning. The plan is available to the public on the City’s website in English and in Spanish. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.