G.R. Invites Community To Redesign Park Signs

11 hours ago

G.R. invites residents to redesign signs
Credit City

Get ready.  The Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department is holding a competition to redesign and modernize park signs across the city.  The competition is open to everyone through November 6th.

“It’s time to hit refresh on our park signs.”

David Marquardt, Director of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation, says the time has come to modernize the park signs.

“Many people drive by and we hear remarks and we did throughout our master planning process that our park signs are looking tired and old.  We agreed that with this park investment we’re making across the city with the parks millage funds that it’s time to include our park signs as well.”

Marquardt says first impressions matter.  And to get a vast array of options, he says they’ve decided to hold a contest to see who comes up with the best design.

“We had such great participation in the parks master planning process about a year and a half ago, and it’s really our desire to continue that momentum of engaging with the community.  This is a chance for any parent, child, youth group or individual to be a part of this process and submit what they think will be a good look for these new park signs.”

Designs can be submitted until the end of the month.  At that point, entries will be reviewed by a citizens group and a parks advisory group. They will then recommend which designs move forward and the public will get a chance to vote on the top five.

“Interested individuals that would like to cast a vote can check our webpage at grcity.us/parks and recreation and we’ll also be posting information on the city’s parks and recreation facebook page and the city’s general facebook page as well.”

You can vote from November 12th through the 30th.