Decision 2018: Two candidates running for state representative in Michigan's 91st district

Oct 10, 2018

WGVU’s Decision 2018 Election Coverage continues as we profile those seeking public office this November. Today, we profile the two candidates running in Michigan’s 91st state house district. 

Greg VanWoerkom is the District Director for US Congressman Bill Huizenga and previously served as the senior policy advisor to U.S. Representative Pete Hoekstra. VanWoerkom serves on the board of the United Way of the Lakeshore and is Board President for Western Michigan Christian High and Middle School.

“My professional life has been about public service, dedicated to improving the quality of life here on the Lakeshore," VanWoerkom said. "I’ve worked on projects including Cleanup White Lake and Ruddiman Creek, protecting the Boy Scout Camp in Owasippe, helping our farmers when their livelihood was at risk, making sure cruise ships dock here and help various employers so they can create jobs in Muskegon County. I’m now running for State Representative to continue the comeback that we have seen as a state and in Muskegon County. There is more work to be done on removing Muskegon Lake as an area of concern, having our port be a hub to the world, and having our students and workforce prepared for the jobs and the future." 

Democrat Tanya Cabala is a longtime White Hall City Council member, teacher and community activist. The former director of a regional Great Lakes environmental organization, Cabala says she wants a prosperous Michigan for every resident.

“My reason for running? This is not the Michigan I want to leave my children and grandchildren. This is not the Michigan I want to leave anyone," Cabala said. "We need different priorities in Lansing. Priorities that offer all citizens in our state the opportunity for a prosperous life. Affordable health care, good paying jobs, excellent public schools, and protection of valuable Great Lakes. These are the building blocks that must be in place for all of us to do better. I have always worked across the aisle with local, state and federal government. I know my community well, and have the track record, experience, and work ethic and motivation to get us back on track. I am working hard to win votes in my district, and will work just as hard to get good things done in Lansing.”

The vote is set for November 6th.