Community sets deadline for dealing with biodigester odors

Sep 23, 2016

Credit City of Lowell /

The operator of a biodigester in western Michigan has until Nov. 1 to curb odors in the area or it could be shut down.

The Grand Rapids Press reports Lowell city and utility leaders met Thursday and decided to let Lowell Energy AD proceed with another odor-elimination plan.

The plant's operator first plans to install a filter and cover an outside wastewater treatment vat. Bruce Koetter, vice president Webster Environmental Associates, says it's a "temporary fix."

The company was hired by Lowell Energy to deal with the problem.

Lowell Energy last year opened the biodigester, which converts a mix of beer waste, salad dressing and manure into methane gas that powers a turbine and generates electricity.

The biodigester has a 20-year deal to sell electricity to the city's utility.