Candidates all walk party lines in Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Jun 21, 2018

Three candidates hoping to be the next Governor of Michigan squared off at the Democratic gubernatorial debate in Grand Rapids Wednesday evening.

Former state Senate minority leader Gretchen Whitmer, businessman Shri Thanedar and former Detroit Health Department Executive Director Dr. Abdul El-Sayed all met in Grand Rapids Wednesday evening. Straight out of the gates, all three candidates voiced their opposition to the country’s current immigration policies. 

The three candidates stayed within party lines when addressing a variety of issues facing the State of Michigan including education, single payer health care, and the state’s crumbling infrastructure, and school violence. For the most part, the debate proved mostly cordial, however, El-Sayed attacked Whitmer’s Blue Cross Blue Shield ties by continuously stressing that his campaign has not accepted any corporate donations.

All three candidates said they supported the legalization of recreation marijuana, redistricting legislation that would effectively end gerrymandering, while promising to address Michigan’s water issues.

The gubernatorial primary is set for August 7th.