After standoff in Senate, snow day forgiveness bill heads to governor

May 2, 2019

Senator Jim Ananich

A bill to forgive four school days for extreme weather caused a standoff in the state Senate. But lawmakers have thawed on the issue and sent the bill to the governor today.

The bill was already stripped down from its original version – and Democrats in the Senate wanted some additional things back in the bill. Like a guarantee that hourly workers would still get paid for the time off.

       Democrats used a procedural move to effectively render the Legislation meaningless. But after negotiations and some changes, another vote got the job done.

Senator Jim Ananich is the leader of the Senate Democrats. He says they wanted schools to have clarity about when the school year could end.

“So we got some changes made and we thought it’s more important to make sure had an understanding of when they’re going to be over with.”


Democrats did not get a guarantee that hourly workers would be paid. Ananich says he believes most schools will pay those employees regardless.