AAA: Regular Exercise & Stretching Can Help Older Drivers Keep The Keys

Apr 30, 2019

Exercise and stretching can help keep the keys

New research shows fatigue and poor physical functioning are leading factors that cause older adults to stop driving.  But, there’s also information that shows regular exercise can help seniors keep the keys a bit longer.

“It is a detriment for anyone who has to give up their keys; obviously, being mobile is an important thing for most people. And by giving your keys up, it can have an impact on your mental state. By you not being able to drive or go places that you want to go.”

Steve Giffel, with the AAA Auto Club Group, says new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that increased fatigue and poor physical functioning are the leading factors that can result in older adults limiting their driving.  And those behind the study, also say that older adults who do give up their keys are more likely to suffer from depression than those who remain behind the wheel.

But the good news is, that some simple steps, like weekly exercise can improve safe driving abilities and keep older drivers on the road longer.

“Research shows that daily exercise and stretching can help older drivers to improve overall body flexibility and move more freely to observe the road from all angles.  Physical strength also helps driers remain alert to potential hazards on the road and perform essential driving functions like braking, steering, parking. Even as simple as looking to the side and rear.

Giffel says there’s plenty of information available on their website at 

Here you can find programs and resources to help older adults improve their driving performance.