AAA: Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Winter Ready

Jan 29, 2019

AAA: winter ready

While some agencies advise staying home unless you have to go out in these frigid temps, there are many who must make their way in to work, or perhaps check on a loved one.  AAA Michigan says if you “have” to leave home, make sure your vehicle is “winter ready”. 

“You want to follow that Boy Scout motto.  Be prepared.  You want a winter survival kit in your car.”

That’s Nancy Cain, AAA Michigan Spokesperson.  She says if you have to be out in this treacherous weather, the best thing you can do is to make sure your vehicle is “winter ready.”

“That kit should include an ice scraper, a snow brush, boots, gloves, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a shovel in case you need to dig out.  It’s also good to have flares or a reflective triangle in case your car does become disabled.”

Cain says you should also put on your hazard lights if you are stalled.

“And if your car does become disabled, pull over to the right.

The snowy weather has AAA seeing a higher number of calls.  But Cain adds, some of these are preventable, like running out of gas.

“Yesterday, we saw a 25 % increase in calls for help.  We’re seeing a lot with dead batteries, running out of gas and many could be prevented if you just slow down and drive for conditions.  If you’re going to fast you’re likely to skid; also if you’re going to fast you could hit the car in front of you that may be stopped. You’ve got to slow down.”

Cain says you can find a number of tips to stay “winter ready” online at