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Biden camp makes pitch to Michigan veterans

President Biden addresses NAACP in Detroit
President Biden addresses NAACP in Detroit

Michigan Democrats are working to solidify support for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign as he fights calls to step aside.

It’s been a rough go for Biden, whose performance at a recent debate with former President Donald Trump caused many to question his acuity.

Former Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency director Adam Hollier says debates shouldn’t matter to servicemembers as much as Biden’s record.

Hollier says veteran’s services have been more responsive, like when he needed help with a student loan program.

“When my ten years was up, I was like, ‘Alright, finally filing for my student loan repayment.’ And you know what they said to me? They said you have made three qualifying payments. And I was like, ‘But I’ve been paying consistently for the past decade.’ Under a Biden presidency, they went back and fixed that program.”

Meanwhile, republicans are pointing to Trump administration policies around veteran health care and education.

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