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Criminal justice groups frustrated with lack of action by state lawmakers

Ryan McGrady
CC BY-SA 4.0

Activists gathered in Lansing Tuesday to push lawmakers to move a series of criminal justice reform bill packages that have been stuck

Several bills, including ones to end the sentencing of young people to life without parole and to allow people in prison more chances to shorten their stay, have been stalled in the state legislature.

Adam Grant is with the group “A Brighter Way.” He says advocates want “bold politicians” instead of “safe ones.”

“Incremental change is better than no change at all. But for some people who have been behind the eight ball for their entire life, for generations, for hundreds of years, incremental change doesn’t mean anything to them because when the pendulum swings back, it takes everything that they gained out of it.”

House Democratic leadership says criminal justice reform bills could still see floor votes later this year, though they've faced some skepticism among legislators.

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