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Brann's Steakhouse closing Friday, will be demolished for new project

An iconic Grand Rapids Westside restaurant is closing its doors Friday, making way for new development

“Those come with French fries is that ok? Perfect. Anything else for you today?”

This is the last day staff will serve the famous steak sizzlers at Brann’s Steakhouse and Grille on Leonard Street in Grand Rapids.

Owner Johnny Brann says they’ve served 25 million of them over 50 years but now the Westside landmark will be demolished to begin construction on a new project.

Johnny Brann Jr. says for his family, it’s not about just running businesses; it’s about continuing their commitment to the community.

“There’s an investment coming that will be a very big project that will change the gateway as you enter the Westside here at Leonard. It will be about a $25 to 40 million project.”

The new development includes several nearby properties.

Plans show retail space, residential units and a new concept Brann restaurant.

Johhny Senior says the new spaces will continue his tradition of honoring military and police and hopes the project will be a catalyst for the Westside neighborhood to thrive into the future.

“We love the Westside. We still want to service the Westside and we’re not going nowhere. It's just the next chapter.”

Shutting down the neighborhood Brann’s is bittersweet for regulars like Dave Phelps.

“I had my mom’s 80th birthday here, my wife’s retirement party here. Good for him to want to expand and for the community, just a sad day for us old guys.”

The Brann family intends to release more details and designs for the project in the coming months, saying demolition should begin in 6-12 months with a target of finishing the project in 2026 or 27.

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