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Michigan State Police conclude Samuel Sterling death investigation

Michigan State Police shield
Michigan State Police
Michigan State Police
Michigan State Police shield

Attorney General will review case evidence and videos from April 17th incident involving Sterling struck by police car in Kentwood.

Video released Friday by the Michigan State Police shows an unmarked police SUV hitting 25-year-old Samuel Sterling as he fled from officers in a Kentwood Burger King parking lot last month. He later died.

The videos come from MSP, Grand Rapids and Wyoming officers and include three body cameras and one in-car camera.

Before releasing the video publicly, the MSP director showed it privately to Sterling’s family and their attorney Ven Johnson who had this to say:

"It was horrible. And then to have to watch his mom and dad have to listen to him groaning in pain, begging them to help him, to get him medical attention. It was very difficult to watch."

The officer driving the SUV that struck Sterling remains suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

MSP has turned the case over to the State Attorney General’s office to review and determine whether criminal charges will be filed.