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State Rep. Kristian Grant returns $5,000 in COVID relief funds

Kristian Grant for State Representative website

A state representative from Grand Rapids has returned COVID funds she received from Kent County over discrepancies found in her grant applications

State Representative Kristian Grant, a Democrat representing the Grand Rapids area, has returned $5,000 after a second review conducted by Kent County found continued discrepancies in one of her grant applications.

She had received two separate grants from the Kent County Small Business Recovery Fund for her business called Game Plan Lifestyle Planner.

Kent County Administrator Al Vanderberg says an initial review revealed a discrepancy with her application that could have been rectified if she would file an amended 2019 tax return.

A second review showed she had not filed that return despite her assertion of having done so.

In a statement to WGVU news, Grant writes the inquiries to the county came ‘from an individual with ulterior motives… I discovered my 2019 amended tax return had not been filed. I had relied on a trusted professional to assist in amending and filing my return and unfortunately, that did not happen.”

She asserts that despite no findings of fraud or wrongdoing on her part, she voluntarily returned the $5,000 grant and considers the matter resolved.

Kent County administrator says more than 3,500 small businesses received the grant money.

There have been no other challenges and no reason to believe there were problems with other applications.

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