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"Cannabis campground" to open in Muskegon this summer

Owners want a to create a safe space and community hub for like-minded people

The Grassy Knoll is a cannabis dispensary that moved its CBD store from Grand Rapids to Muskegon. Now owners will open a 5-acre campground there.

” We could fit 50 RVs out here most likely, lots of different tents, probably 60. There’s lots of space out here and its pretty much an open space surrounded by trees.”

Selina Shananaquet is the general manager.

She says the campground is licensed and ready to go as soon as they add bathrooms and a water source for guests.

“We’re literally two minutes from downtown, five minutes from the lake.”

They are taking reservations now and plan to open June first, in time for summer festival season.

“$40 for a regular weekend, $70 for Burning Foot. We partnered with the Burning Foot Beer Festival so we’re charging the same price as they are for their campsites, and it comes with a free shuttle to the event.”

She says being connected to a dispensary is what makes The Grassy Knoll campground unique, a hub for like-minded people in the community.

“We want to have a safe space for people to feel like they don’t need to look over their shoulders and feel like they have to hide the fact they’re consuming cannabis.”

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