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Governor proposes free pre-k education for all Michigan children

Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited Grand Rapids Monday to promote one of the goals of her proposed budget for this year: free pre-k for all Michigan children

A Burton Elementary School preschool classroom in Grand Rapids was the backdrop for Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s visit Monday to promote universal pre-k for every four-year-old in Michigan.

“Doing this sets every child up for success. It also helps parents save about $10,000 in childcare costs per student and, most critically, it really is about giving our student a solid academic foundation.”

The governor toured the preschool with lawmakers and educators including Grand Rapids Superintendent Dr. Leadriane Roby who emphasized universal pre-k is about equity and access.

"This is an equitable moment to make sure all of our children have access to a viable, rigorous, relevant education and that’s what this work is all about.”

The governor spoke on the advantages of early learning.

“Kids who go to pre-k arrive at kindergarten ready to learn, better prepared to read and do math. They go on to earn higher test scores, are more likely to graduate, and go on to land good-paying jobs.”

Whitmer promised more details on funding the initiative in her proposed state budget coming out Wednesday.

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