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Michigan People's Campaign urges Democrats to support working families

Michigan Senate Chamber
State of Michigan
Michigan Senate Chamber

Ken Whittaker, Executive Director of the Michigan's People's Campaign says Michigan Democrats could "lose their trifecta," if progress lags.

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer called for increased investments in education, housing and tax credits in her State of the State Address on Wednesday, but the Michigan People’s Campaign say that may not be enough to secure votes from working families.

Executive Director Ken Whittaker is pushing for stronger policies to uplift working-class Michiganders and restore access to driver’s licenses for all residents, regardless of immigration status.

In a statement released Thursday evening, Whittaker applauded progress made under Whitmer’s leadership, but said Democrats are at risk of losing their trifecta if voters don't see more significant advancements.

View the full release below:

In response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2024 State of the State address, Ken Whittaker, Executive Director at MichiganPeople’s Campaign, issued the following statement:

“Gov. Whitmer and Michigan Democrats must take bolder action to address the concerns of working-class Michiganders in this pivotal election year, which has the potential to reshape the power dynamics in Lansing. It is imperative that leadership demonstrates a commitment to policies that directly benefit the hardworking people of our state, or they risk turning over power to a Republican Party that is unfit to govern.

“We acknowledge the progress made under Gov. Whitmer's leadership, and we applaud her new proposals for Universal Pre-K and community college for all, but much more can be done to uplift working families. The legislature must end the pay-to-play practices of monopolies like DTE and Consumers Energy that continue to pour cash into campaign coffers, polluting our democracy and drowning out voters’ voices.

“Additionally, lawmakers must address the concerns of the state's immigrant communities, particularly their call for the restoration of driver's licenses for all residents regardless of citizenship status. Furthermore, ending the statewide ban on rent control, passing universal health care legislation, dismantling mass incarceration and raising the minimum wage should take center stage in the legislature if Democrats want to win in November.

“As the election year unfolds, there is a risk that Democrats may lose their trifecta if voters do not perceive meaningful advancements. Tepid political action is not an option. Voters have been demanding significant improvements in their lives, and the majority has a chance to once again secure the people’s mandate with decisive and impactful measures.”

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