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Michigan Department of Natural Resources featured in TV series

Michigan DNR

Friday the DNR is the focus of a new season of the TV show “Wardens” on the Outdoor Channel. Officers show what they do on the job which may help recruit more staff

“Kind of of like the 'COPS' version of the outdoors. We ride around with videographers with our officers, and we just follow them on their daily business.”

Dave Haupt is a Field Connectivity Analyst with the DNR. He says this season of “Wardens” will feature the law enforcement side of the job, but also the education component.

“Here’s a chance for us to really show how these officers are help kids, help people understand the rules and regulations. It’s not just out to write a ticket.”

The episodes focus on what’s unique to Michigan and include a nighttime walleye patrol on the Detroit River, a survival skills program for women in

“I think of it as golfing except with guns. It’s a huge expanse and they actually have the golf carts and you travel to different spots and there are different set-ups and you shoot skeet.”

Commercials within the show promote job opportunities with the department.

“This goes out not only across the country but across the world and it shows Michigan as being a special place to come and visit.”

Haupt says the show is good for recruiting. The DNR is currently trying to fill crucial temporary spring positions.

“January 26, Friday night at 9 will be the first new episode on the Outdoor Channel.”

The series will air new episodes for 13 weeks.

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