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A treasure hunt along West Michigan trails kicks off today

There’s treasure hidden along a West Michigan trailway. The hunt to find it begins Thursday. Organizers encourage people to explore area trails in the winter months.

It’s treasure hunt meets hiking trail meets geo-caching. Trail Club is a group of philanthropists that funds experiences along trails in West Michigan. They’ve organized treasure hunts for January, February, and March with the first kicking off Thursday afternoon. Spokesperson Allie Walker says anyone can participate and it’s a great family activity.

“This is that little inspiration to get outside and moving, maybe trying a different part of our area you haven’t explored before, finding a new trail – that’s always exciting.”

Participants will solve a puzzle that includes two clues to help find treasure boxes hidden along trails within a 45-minute drive of Grand Rapids. All clues will be hidden within three feet of the trail and all trails will be wheelchair accessible.

“The first person to find the treasure each month will receive $1,000. This month they receive a year membership to Frederick Meijer Garden.”

The first person to open the box gets the prize, but everyone can still participate by solving puzzles, following clues and enjoying the game.

“Whether you’re doing the treasure hunt or just looking for something to do, just getting out and exploring those trails and being thankful for what we have is what we’re hoping to get everyone thinking about.”

The first clue goes out Thursday at 3pm on Trail Club’s social media channels and website at Trail.Club.

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