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Three suspects arrested for stolen guns may be tied to more crimes

Kent County Sheriffs Department patch

The Kent County Sheriff says three suspects arrested for breaking into cars in Ada Township may be tied to more serious crimes, including a New Year’s Eve shooting

Early Sunday morning, residents in Ada Township called police after spotting people going through cars and trying to get into locked vehicles.

Deputies arrived to find three people in a black Dodge Durango. One suspect ran off but was later caught, a stolen gun recovered nearby.

Deputies searched the Durango and found stolen credit cards, wallets, masks, and a stolen pistol under the passenger seat. They arrested the other two suspects- men in their 20’s from Grand Rapids.

Now, Kent County Sheriff Michalle Lajoye Young believes the three are linked to other criminal activity.

”They’re related to car larceny in other areas on other days, and also a shooting in Wyoming on New Year’s Eve and also some other incidents so we’re very blessed that our very aware community members called and gave us an alert.”

In fact LaJoye Young says calls from the public are key to stopping crimes, as in this case.

“It was crucial. It’s important for us all to understand that the police alone cannot keep the community safe. That we all have a part in that. We all have to be aware that its better to call and have it be nothing, than to not call and it be significant.”

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