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More than a dozen Detroit-area state House and Senate districts will need to be redrawn

Michigan Redistricting Commission

After a federal court ruled process used to draw them was unconstitutional the move is being applauded by Republicans and some Democrats.

Black Detroiters first challenged the districts in state court but were denied by the Michigan Supreme Court. The matter was then refiled in federal court with the backing of conservative groups.

Former Democratic State Senator Adam Hollier agrees with the ruling and he says he doesn’t mind Republicans are the ones pushing the effort.

“There are a lot of people who believe that they are going to be advantaged by these maps the only people who should be listened to right now are the black voters who did not get listened to when the maps were being drawn originally.”

Hollier says Black people can be well-represented in the state legislature… while still maintaining a Democratic majority. The process for redrawing the maps will be laid out early next month.