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Michigan Supreme Court hears arguments over “adopt and amend”

Michigan Supreme Court
Rick Pluta
Michigan Supreme Court

Lawyers for the state, and for two 2018 ballot measures, argued over the constitutionality of a legislative tactic known as “adopt and amend” before the state supreme Court today.

In this case “adopt” meant lawmakers adopting ballot measures to raise the minimum wage and guarantee sick time into law before they went before voters.

And “amend” meant watering them down with new laws later that session.

The plaintiffs argue that’s anti-Democratic. But Deputy Solicitor General Eric Restuccia says voters could’ve challenged the changes through a referendum.

“This idea that somehow the people have been cut out the process is wrong.”

However, attorney Mark Brewer says that’s an undue burden.

“Unconstitutional conduct should not force victims of that to have to go through the time and expense to go back to the ballot.”

If the ballot measures win, Michigan’s minimum wage could rise to over 13 dollars an hour.

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