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Thanksgiving Day parade in Detroit briefly interrupted by protesters

File Photo: Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade
The Parade Company - Detroit
The Parade Company Facebook Page
File Photo: Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade

About 150 Pro-Palestinian protesters marched along Woodward in Midtown, briefly shutting down the parade

Pro-Palestinian protesters briefly shut down the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit Thursday morning.

About 150 protesters marched along Woodward in Midtown… before being corralled off the route by police at M.L King Jr. Boulevard.

The protest continued with DPD watching. There were no arrests.

Social justice activist Lexis Zeidan says the holiday is the perfect day to highlight the plight of Native Americans and Palestinians.

“Truly a day that has been publicized to cover up the genocide that our country has committed on indigenous Americans… and we're standing in solidarity with our indigenous Americans and with our Palestinians because of the current genocide that's unfolding in Palestine.”

Zeidan says Israel should end the bombing of Gaza and that Israelis and Palestinians should be allowed to coexist peacefully on the same land

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