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Alcohol carry and consume in EGR social district starts today


Starting today adults in East Grand Rapids have permission to walk around town while drinking an alcoholic beverage.

The new social district allows adults who buy to go drinks at specific locations to sip and stroll around the Gaslight district and into John Collins Park. City Commissioner Kathy Hamrick thinks it will bring more pedestrians into town.

“Creating the draw for people who may not live in the community and we want to draw more foot traffic tour businesses as well as the amenities we have in our community.”

Social district hours are from 4 until 10 Monday through Friday, 11 until 10 Saturday and Sunday. Public Safety Chief Mark Herald says he researched social districts in other communities and does not anticipate any problems

“There are no significant increases in crime or anything like that. Nothing that I would consider out of the ordinary or would cause me to recommend not doing this.”

So far 2 locations, Big Bob’s Pizza and Olive’s Restaurant are licensed to sell to go drinks in East Grand Rapids, but permission for other locations is pending.

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