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Consumers Energy asked to show why it should not be fined for allegedly overcharging customers

Wikimedia Commons

The Michigan Public Service Commission is asking Consumers Energy to show why it shouldn’t face fines over possible instances of overcharging customers and malfunctioning natural gas meters.

The public service commission sent an order to the utility Tuesday asking it to respond to claims of inaccurate billing and readings.

The commission says it’s received several complaints from customers who received unusually high bill estimates as the utility was upgrading its meters. Customers have also claimed their meters were malfunctioning and that they faced delays in receiving new equipment.

Those potential issues could be violation of the state’s rules and subject Consumers to a fine.

Officials have been investigating inaccurate meter complaints since July. Under the current order, Consumers has until mid-November to show why it shouldn’t be held accountable for the service issues.

A spokesperson for the public service commission declined to comment as the investigation is ongoing.

In a statement, the utility said it is reviewing the order and – quote - “remains committed to doing right by its customers.”