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Energy plan bills get a committee hearing

Wikimedia Commons

Michigan renewable energy bills that are part of the Democrat-backed Clean Energy Plan received a committee hearing Wednesday.

The legislation—as written—would require power companies to use entirely renewable energy sources by 20-35. Though there are plans to push that back to 20-40.

Mike Johnston of the Michigan Manufacturers Association says a rapid shift away from natural gas could be costly.

“That creates a lot of uncertainty for investors if they’re making billions of dollars of investment, or they’re making small investments for small companies.”

But Michigan Public Service Commission Chair Dan Scripps says there are safeguards on energy costs.

“This isn’t Thelma and Louise. We’re not just going to drive the car off the cliff. Guardrails are in place and if compliance becomes overly costly, we have the flexibility to modify the timelines involved.” :11

The legislation remains in committee for more work.