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AG punts on MiLEAP constitutionality

Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General
Dave Trumpie-Trumpie Photography
Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General

Michigan’s attorney general says it’s too soon to determine whether an executive order from the governor violates the state constitution

The executive order created the new “Michigan Department of Lifelong Education, Advancement, and Potential” or “MiLEAP.”

Earlier this month the State Board of Education unanimously voted to ask the attorney general for her opinion on whether MiLEAP unconstitutionally infringed on its duties.

Attorney General Dana Nessel did not provide that opinion, reasoning it would be premature since the order creating MiLEAP hasn’t gone into effect yet.

But she noted the executive order seems to encourage cooperation with the State Board of Education rather than to replace it.

State education officials say they appreciate the reflections and believe the new department will be “closely monitored.”

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