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Calvin University to take over Compass College


Calvin University recently announced a new partnership with the Compass College of Film and Media that includes the acquisition of the college’s campus in downtown Grand Rapids.

The university will take over Compass College’s downtown building at 41 Sheldon Street Southeast. With the college expected to close by this fall, current Compass students have been invited to transfer to Calvin’s film and media program.

Kevin den Dulk is the Associate Provost at Calvin University. He says the university is excited to welcome Compass students especially because both institutions share a common mission and both are faith-based.

“It’s a program that has grown a great deal. It’s expanded even into graduate education with our Media and Strategic Communication degree and we believe that Compass students will be able to find a home here.”

den Dulk says the facilities include a production studio, a theater, classrooms, and more. The building is 29 thousand square feet.

Calvin university has said it’s committed to ensuring credits earned at Compass transfer, and will match tuition that students expected to pay this year and will also honor their financial aid award packages in subsequent years.

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