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State allocates $6 million to Muskegon Heights

Funds will help support downtown revitalization efforts.

With a large scale revitalization plan already in the works, the Muskegon Heights will receive $6 million from the state towards beautifying the city’s downtown corridor.

When the city launched its “Reaching New Muskegon Heights” campaign last year, city officials were dreaming big, but the biggest hurdle that stood in the way, is of course, resources. Officials estimated it would be at least $20-$30 million to accomplish everything they wanted to just initially do.

The city got a huge boost towards that effort however, after learning the state is allocating $6 million to the Heights as part of next year’s budget.

The public infrastructure grant will help fund structural improvements along Broadway Avenue in downtown Muskegon Heights, as well as upgrades to Peck Street and Rowan Park.

Currently Broadway Avenue, which lies at the center of the city’s downtown corridor, is filled with abandoned buildings, boarded up windows, and the Strand Theater—which has sat empty for over 30 years.

Officials, say, the Reaching New Muskegon Heights plan would like to change all that, and envisions a revitalized and thriving downtown corridor with storefronts and restaurants, a fully renovated Strand Theater, a completely reconfigured Rowan Park, and the construction of 35 new homes.