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Michigan State Police launching distracted driving public information campaign

Tom Saunders -Flickr

The Michigan State Police is warning drivers to be aware of a new ban on using mobile devices while driving. The new law goes into effect at the end of the month

Michigan already had a law on the books that bans texting while driving. But recently approved legislation will now prohibit using a mobile device while on the road for any purpose unless it’s in the hands-free mode.

Michigan State Police Public Information Officer Mike Shaw says just holding a mobile device while using a motor vehicle is enough for officers to initiate a traffic stop. He encourages drivers to keep their phone out of sight while on the road.

“just put it in the glove box, put it in the trunk, do whatever you got to do to do that, make sure that you're not doing any of those parts, because all those parts could get you pulled over and in a citation.”

Shaw says officers will have the discretion to choose if they want to give distracted drivers a verbal warning or issue a ticket.

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