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Adelaide Pointe breaks ground Monday following decades of pollution in Muskegon Lake

Leestma Management
Leestma Management

Plans include a new marina, condominium building, event space

After years of planning and discussion, construction of a new $250 million development on Muskegon Lake has begun after crews broke ground Monday.

It took decades for environmental crews to clean out Muskegon Lake, the large body of water that rests next to Muskegon’s newly revitalized downtown had been polluted for over a century—used as a dump for lumber mills and industry waste, while city officials looked the other way.

Now that the water is no longer an “area of concern” city officials are dreaming big, and re-imagining what the city’s relationship with the water could become in the years ahead. While several projects are in the works including Harbor 31 and The Docks, Adelaide Pointe broke ground Monday. It’s a new $250 million development that includes a new large vessel marina, 55-unit condominium building, mixed-use retail and event space and public access with bike trails, greenspace, and a public fishing pier.

Ryan Leestma is the developer behind the project and spoke recently at the Muskegon City Commissioners meeting.

“We have so much excitement going on in this town right now, you can feel it, it is electric,” Leestma said. “We’re resurging, we are going to our third wave of prosperity.”

The groundbreaking marks the beginning of the development, but also the end of a series of endless public meetings with the Muskegon City Commission. Leestma had told city officials he wanted to avoid another public meeting so badly he decided to fund $8 million in road and infrastructure funds out of his own pocket rather than seeking bonds through the city.

Meanwhile, officials say Leestma is now considering a new hotel on the property as well in addition to the other amenities.