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Sen. Peter’s new report shows vulnerabilities in US drug supply chains

U.S. Senator Gary Peters
Peter Smith / Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; University of Michigan
CC BY-ND 2.0
U.S. Senator Gary Peters

A new investigation lead by Michigan Senator Gary Peters finds the U-S heavily relies on foreign countries to produce prescription and over the counter drugs. As Rick Brewer tells us, the report found that ninety percent of the critical minerals used to make most drugs come from two countries: India and China

Peters acknowledges that solutions to this issue will be a long-term process and there are few immediate fixes.

But one of the things his report suggests is for the Food and Drug Administration to get a better sense of the long supply chains these drugs move through to arrive in the U-S.

Peters says that will help the government fill gaps by anticipating shortages through predicative modeling.

And Peter’s long-term solution—get more manufacturers to set up shop on American soil.

“But then work on incentives and work on ways that we can incentivize the production of these drugs in the United States with American companies and American workers.”

Peters says this is a national security issue and the Department of Defense already has a model in place to produce antibiotics within our borders.

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