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Sometimes tense House labor committee hearing advances Right to Work repeal, prevailing wage bills

Michigan House of Representatives
wikimedia commons
Michigan House of Representatives

Legislation to repeal Michigan’s Right to Work law is heading to the full House for a planned vote tonight.

Union leaders criticize the 2012 law that stops the payment of some union fees from being a condition of employment.

Ryan Sebolt is the Director of Governmental Affairs at the AFLCIO.

“For decades, working people in this state have been under attack. Bill after bill has been passed to chip away at their rights and weaken their ability to collectively bargain to improve their quality of living and have their fair shot and a chance at a decent life.”

But Jonas Peterson, with Southwest Michigan First, says employers prefer right to work states for investment.

“For some job creation projects, states that do not have right to work are simply not considered. We aren’t even in the game.”

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