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New effort to expand MI low-income tax credit introduced

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The Michigan Legislature has another chance to expand a tax break so low-income working families can take advantage of it in this tax year.

The Legislature’s already voted to expand the earned income tax credit. But the enactment is delayed due to a partisan fight over sending taxpayers rebate checks versus allowing the state income tax rate to drop.

Democratic state Senator Kristen McDonald Rivet wants a do-over to disentangle the EITC from other political fights.

“My bill would run it all on its own so that we can get help to families right now,” said Rivet.

McDonald Rivet said she thinks a bill can be on the governor’s desk by early April. The Michigan League for Public Policy says this would benefit hundreds of thousands of low-income households. The increase would bring the credit to an average of 750 dollars per family.

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