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Coast Guard rescues 14 on ice floe in Saginaw Bay

Coast Guard Helicopter
Wikimedia Commons
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Coast Guard Helicopter

14 people were successfully rescued from an ice floe on east Saginaw Bay Monday evening. As Rick Brewer tells us, the Coast Guard’s mass-rescue operation took three hours

It’s unclear how far the ice floe was from the shoreline, but the Coast Guard says it was far enough to deploy helicopters.

Adeeb Ahmad is a public affairs officer with the Coast Guard. He says rescuers needed a second Jayhawk helicopter to complete the mission.

“A helicopter especially doing a rescue with this many people. It does take some time. A few trips back and forth. The helicopter needs to refuel. So as the Dolphin was refueling, the Jayhawk from Traverse City came to assist.”

EMS from Huron County were able to provide mutual aid in the operation. Only two of the 14 fishermen were reported to have fallen in the water, and no one in the group was admitted to the hospital.

Ahmad says the Coast Guard doesn’t discourage activities on the ice but did say to have a plan and remember that ice is always unpredictable and dangerous.